Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer's Eve

This blogwear set comes to you from my portion of the August Collab in our store! Each designer made their own mini from these colors, and anyone who spends $10.00 or more in our store, gets the entire set of mini's for free! I had a lot of fun designing this mini, as well as using it to put together this blog set! The colors seem so perfect for those hot summer nights!

First, here is the Header, Siggie or divider line, and the matching tag!

Download HERE

Two Column Blog

Three Column Background


  1. Ramona! I love this blog! I figured out how to paste this new background onto my blog, but I am having trouble with the header and accessories. Once I have the header on my desktop, I don't know how to add pictures and text. I am not a very serious blogger...could you send some tips my way?

  2. Ramona this is AWESOME! I am so excited. I also have a question - I changed my template to minima but I think I'd like a three column blog - how can I make that change?

    thanks again!!

  3. I'll email you the code to do the 3 column! I LOVE the 3 column!