Friday, September 18, 2009


I was inspired for this kit, by my 5 year old. He has a couple of challenges, in his little life and one of them is a severe speech disorder. We have been working with him since he was barely a year old, when we wouldn't even babble. Even now, most of his words are difficult for most to understand. He can get most vowels of a word, but not the consonants. He sure is a sweetie to listen to, though and he tries sooo hard. Well, one of his most recent words is Nuttin. He gets the "n" sound, but the t's are more of an "n" sound as well. He uses this new little word for everything, especially when he has done something naughty and wants to hide it. I can always tell he's been in to mischief when I'll say, "Sam, what are you doing?" He'll immediately put his hands behind his back and say, "Nuttin, Nuttin". It really is too adorable! So, based on his cute little word, here is one of my first Fall blogwears of the season! Enjoy.

Download the Header and siggie HERE

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  1. I am updating my blog with Nuttin' now!

    FYI- the codes in the Grab a Button boxes are backwards... I added it to my blog too!

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